Smoke on Wheels

BBQ Marinade

Price: $8.00 Size: 16 oz.
Description: This marinade was developed for our competition chicken. It has helped us consistently score in chicken, including a perfect 180 score, this year!  Also excellent as a general purpose grilling marinade.

Pork & Marinade Injection

Price: $8.00 Size: 16 oz.
Description: This marinade helped our pork earn 1st place at the 2010 Jack Daniels Invitational, and in the American Royal! Your pork shoulders, and ribs, will sing with flavor. Also perfect as a marinade for chops/loins.


Yardbird Rub

Price: $8.00 Size: 14 oz.
Description: This award winning rub has a balance of sweet and salty with just a little kick. Excellent on Pork, Ribs, or Chicken.

Bovine Bold Rub

Price: $8.00 Size: 14 oz.
Description: Designed for beef, and perfect for large cuts of meat that can take bolder flavors, like pork shoulder.

“The Jerk” Rub

Price: $8.00 Size: 13.7 oz.
Description: The flavors of Jamaica, without the residual heat! Great on seafood, wings, and chops!