Classes feature recipes as wide ranging as classic barbecue meats to grilled blueberry cobbler. We are excited to bring you a range of classes that are perfectly geared to the beginner and seasoned pro alike. 


Smoke on Wheels BBQ Marinade, and Smoke on Wheels Pork injection and marinade. Both products have helped teams take their competitive BBQ to the next level! 

From the Road

Andy has made BBQ a family affair, cooking 20-30 weekends each year in competition, along with his wife, Kim, and two girls Kaylin and Lauren. Both girls enjoy time behind the grill with their dad, and competing on their own in Kid’s Ques. They have both been champions

Fun in Garden City!

We’ll get to relive the fun we had in Garden City last year, thanks to our good friend Danielle! Diva Q is in KS, and we’re along for the ride! Check it out tomorrow night, Wed, 7/16, 9pm CST on the travel...
Marysville 2014

Marysville 2014

We talk about Marysville as our favorite event of the year… and this year was even more fun! Another Grand Champion under our belts here! Love hangin’ in Black Squirrel City...